brown paper packages

About Us

brown paper packages® was begun in 1975 as a company designing and creating needlepoint purse kits.  The two founders of the company were trying desperately to think of a name for their new endeavor when an acquaintance came into the room whistling "brown paper packages tied up with strings . . . these are a few of my favorite things" and it stuck.  Our kits were packaged to fit the name.

In 1994 a customer came across a lovely fiber called "Silk & Ivory®" and suggested we market it in several colors to see how it might sell.  It soon became such a success that we phased out the purse kits and devoted full time to the new yarn.  It has grown from our first order of five colors to a total of 250 colors in Silk & Ivory®, 244 in Trio, and 26 colors in Stardust - as you will see on our website.

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