Coverage Estimates

For SILK & IVORY® and Stardust:

One skein contains 28.8 yards and covers approximately:
20 square inches on #13 canvas
19 square inches on #14 canvas
17 square inches on #16 canvas
15 square inches on #18 canvas

Coverage estimates for TRIO:

One skein contains 14.4 yards, 3-ply, and covers approximately:
22 square inches on #18 canvas, using one-ply
16 square inches on #12 canvas, using two-ply
12 square inches on #10 canvas, using three-ply

Please note that these figures are estimates. Very much depends on personal stitching characteristics. Please buy some extra yarn so that there is plenty to finish your project. As with any fiber, dye-lots change and are never precisely the same as another dye-lot of the same color.